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  • It's Hard To SAy I'm Sorry!

    No its not a song, its my quote of the day!

     Some people find it hard to utter the words "I am Sorry!" They need a lot of guts and persuasion.  It seems they will suffocate while saying those words..lolz! I dont have such problem. Though i hate saying those words to a person coz i means ive done something wrong or inapproriate. But apologizing is not a problem for me. I say "I am sorry" and mean it.  Unfortunately, ive met a lot of people who has not mastered that simple gesture.

     Is it pride? fear of being blamed? or is it guilt?  I dont know. I have this friend who gives peace offerings in kind instead of apologizing. Another friend needs a mediator to apologize.  I comment those people who got friends with this kind of attitude.  I am one of them... And my God! how i try to understand them.. im must have loved them so much to stay being friends with them, hehehe!  Until when, i hope till my patience can endure.

     I AM SORRY ---  three simple words, but will do wonders in a relationship just as I LOVE YOU  has magic in them.


  • WAITING...


    waiting... who has the most patience to wait..i guess im one of them...

    a. waited for answers to my prayers...

    b. waited for someone to call or to be online

    c. waited for people to realize their mistakes and make-up for such mistakes too...

    d. waited for a few people whos presence completes my day.. ( u know who u are...)

    e. waited for my due dates... not to mention a lot of my bills...

    f. of course i have waited in line many times.. (literally!)

    g. lastly but certainly not the least.. still waiting...that someday, i can say im truly happy.

    Too much to say, huh!