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Chat me not!

chatting... i got tired of it... Seems it lost its appeal to me...

started chatting back in 2002... i was just emailing and foruming 2 yrs prior to 2002...  the minimum time i spent on line then was 1 hr  but when it went into chatting, 3 hrs a day is not enough... hehehehe.. Those were the days wfere chatrooms are a venue of meeting decent people.. wish i can say the same nowadays.

i wonder how other people chat... do they play dumb? do they live their fantasies on line? do they say who they really are or be want they wanna be? i say... all of the above..lol!  No clear rules in chatting.. actually is a judgement call.. coz chatting is basically talking to a monitor.. u should have a mastery of pshycology or be a claivoyant to decipher the sincerity of the person at the end ot the computer.

I had my good and bad experiences on line.. i found good friends... i found people generous enough to offer me money and nice things ( of course i accept them, coz i didnt ask. they offered me!!), i found the nasty and the uneducated... and most specially i found love too (or is it love???)  The latter is by choice... taking risk.. but why not... life is a rollercoaster.  Take the ride...u might enjoy it and be truly happy...

So..chat or not to chat.... hmmmm.. chat me not!  


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