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talking healthy again...

Ang daming masarap na pagkain dito sa US... mura na kung mura (wag mag-convert sa peso!) tapos marami pa. Go eat in a buffet, sulit na binayad mo na $15 on a weekend, eat all you can on shrimps, alimango, steak etc...(mahal yan sa Pinas) unlimited soda, plus dessert pa. Order ka sa fastfood, for $6.00 pang dalawang tao na ang lunch mo. Walang pang mayaman or mahirap na pagkain dito... pantay-pantay sa kainan. Masarap magluto ng putaheng pinoy, like nilaga, kare-kare etc...kasi mura and beef, pork and chicken as compared in the Philippines na ginto ang mga bilihin sa palengke at supermarket.
Ang resulta lang... over wieght, high blood pressure, diabetis, gaut and the habitual unhealthy eating habit. As for myself... i SELDOM eat beef (my only beef is IN-And-Out Burger or the Habbit burger) and some pork if i cook spare-ribs sinigang. Yeah bihirang-bihira ako kumain ng pinoy meat dishes natin here in the US. Di ko na naalala kung kailan ako huling nagluto ng nilagang baka. Nakakatawa nga ako, panay fish or veggies ang order ko sa restaurant eh ano ba masarap dito dba steak and baby back ribs? Naku, matagal na ako di kumain nyan... even at home. Do i feel i am missing out... no, of course not.
Even my daughter doesnt eat beef, shrimps, crabs anymore, nainfluence ko na. My son and Lito, I influenced them too... The are concious of how much beef or pork they eat... and yeah, they now look for fish in the menu whenever we eat out.
Marasap kumain ng mga bawal mga kaibigan, just be sure di sobra... I lost my first hubby bec. of a heart attack... sometimes i blame myself for not reminding him hard enough on what he eats, but then i guess some things are bound to happen. Some things happens to TEACH us a lesson.
I learned my lesson the hard way... Now i am sharing that lesson... starting with my kids and new hubby. I know Lito eats healthier now ever since i got here. Esp. Lito who grew up here in the US, nasanay sa steak and pork... i am surprise that he is avoiding them too, eating salads and craving for fish like me.
Natutuwa ako, I am making a mark no matter how small and slow... Life is Short... enjoy it but avoid the Cholesterol hehehe!

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