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Skin Talk

Rambling of the Day...

I am a Estee Lauder moisturizers user bec. they really work. But this is what is so cool about buy Estee Lauder... Their promo giveaways . I timed buying when a promo is going on. The product itself is worth $70, but the giveaways is worth more than double (supervisor gave me more than is allowed hehehe)! Lito pays for it (of course he has no choice :-)), he got used to the promo set-up that he charmed the supervisor to give more hehehe! That's why i do this "buy me" trick when i am with him... Wife's secret here!

US weather is quite harsh to the skin, moisturizer is a must. I have always used moisturizers. Back in Manila, I remember my mom uses Oil of Olay and I use the Anew by Avon. Buying moisturizers in Manila is quite expensive considering inflation there so it is not a popular beauty item back then (i don't know now). I started young (20s) with creams and moisturizers, influenced by my late mom. When i came here I got this wide choices of moisturizers to buy. From the drugstore brand to the most expensive ones.

My story sums up... moisturize your skin no matter where you are. Let your wallet dictate the price but never neglect your skin esp. in a cold weather environment. Ladies, we owe this to ourselves!

Hot, hot week in Los Angeles (90s to 100 degrees). Stay indoors! Can't wait for fall weather!

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