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After seven years, i'm back blogging... Too many have to be said (?)

2007 was my last blog post. I got lazy and lazier i guess to sit down and compose a blog. But a lot of things happened in that seven years span of time. No i wont enumerate them here, who the hell cares about my past escapades! I have facebook read on there with pictures to compliment :-).

Too many have to be said... There are only two words that is of much significance to me now... THANK YOU...

Thank you.... I know God is everywhere... thank you dear God for my trials that made me stronger and my triumphs that made me believe in myself

.... To my new husband Lito... Im forever grateful for your trust and love
.... To my kids who are smart and responsible adults now for putting up on me
.... To my relatives and friends for being there for me all these years
.,.. To my late parents for until now i feel their presence in my life

Enough for now... After seven years... Only 2 words sum up my absence in blogging... THANK YOU!

I hope i can do this regularly again :-)

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