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Truly a rollercoaster ride...

whooo... up, down and all around.  The past 4 years of my life is truly ( and undoubtedly) a rollercoaster ride.  I've been way way down, up ( i thought) and down again and in the past months im very much up...Its like life havent have enough of me yet, it let me tastes the best and worst of everything.

But i guess one of the best ride is yet to come.. coz im happy again. My rollercoaster ride havent stopped moving but i know im through with the worst turns and dips... The Master Operator saw that im brave enough for the sharpest turns and now is just giving me a relaxing ride.  a few bumps though but just to remind me that im still in for the ride.

One special person told me.. he wished upon a star once... I told him, i did that too but i wished not to a star but to the Maker of the star.   Well maybe we both wish a relaxing ride on our rollercoaster...  :-) and now we both are smiling again.

Life is the best rollercoaster ride you'll ever have... but dont forget to wish for a smooth ride.  The Master Operator or even a star happens to be listening. 

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