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  • American perk for a Filipino

    My parents spent so much money on their medical check-ups and hospital bills.  It is good they saved enough for that and got some help from my relatives (A BiG THANK YOU to those kind hearts!).  Medicine and hospital confinements are so expensive in the Philippines.  But the same is true here in the US.  Without the insurance, you better not get sick or injured.

    I just had my blood work and doctor's check-up recently.  I still have some ultra sound to go through.  Can't help to compare what it will cost back in Manila since i can still recall the tons of hospital bills I had back then.  It will cost almost the same, but since the monthly insurance deducted from the paycheck pays for it, it seems you are getting a better deal and less out of the pocket cost.  The hubby keeps on asking me to have a check-up because he is paying too much insurance, i might as well make the most out of it.

    What I really want to say is... Insurance is a necessary expense here in the US. If you have one, no matter what coverage it gives,  you won't feel much of the stress of huge medical bills.  When i came here in the US, my hubby added my kids and I in his insurance.  I am very thankful for that generosity especially for his step kids.  That for me is the best American perk.

    My parents are not here anymore.  They got really sick before they died.  Whatever savings they have, I spend on their medical bills.  I don't mind actually,  I am thankful that the money they saved served them when they needed it.  But in jest... What if they have health insurance, the money spent  on medicines and bills should have been left to their only child...EH DI ANG YAMAN KO NA SANA HEHEHEHE!