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  • Chat me not!

    chatting... i got tired of it... Seems it lost its appeal to me...

    started chatting back in 2002... i was just emailing and foruming 2 yrs prior to 2002...  the minimum time i spent on line then was 1 hr  but when it went into chatting, 3 hrs a day is not enough... hehehehe.. Those were the days wfere chatrooms are a venue of meeting decent people.. wish i can say the same nowadays.

    i wonder how other people chat... do they play dumb? do they live their fantasies on line? do they say who they really are or be want they wanna be? i say... all of the above..lol!  No clear rules in chatting.. actually is a judgement call.. coz chatting is basically talking to a monitor.. u should have a mastery of pshycology or be a claivoyant to decipher the sincerity of the person at the end ot the computer.

    I had my good and bad experiences on line.. i found good friends... i found people generous enough to offer me money and nice things ( of course i accept them, coz i didnt ask. they offered me!!), i found the nasty and the uneducated... and most specially i found love too (or is it love???)  The latter is by choice... taking risk.. but why not... life is a rollercoaster.  Take the ride...u might enjoy it and be truly happy...

    So..chat or not to chat.... hmmmm.. chat me not!  


  • Unhappy Endings...

    Last night, i was watching the tv while surfing the net.  I wasnt really minding the tv since my back was turned away from the tv... just listening.  I was a beauty pageant ... well i told myself, ill stay tuned till it ends, im not a bit sleepy and i like to see the gowns the candidates will be wearing....

    When the gown competiion came, the background song was sung by a group of female emsemble... the song was "YOU AND I"... ( you and i wil travel far together....).  I stopped my surfing and faced the tv... not for the gowns parading on screen but for the sweet romantic song on the background.  Its been a long time since i last heard that song and how it really struck me this time... i was not only singing the song, i was also thinking of what the lyrics meant to me... I told myself i have utter those words myself... but  some good things never last....  and in no time, i was crying....

    I didnt mean to.. but it just happened...wierdo!

     I'd like to post the lyrics of the song.. i know it wil be a long time when ill hear this song again... or better... before the forget the tune myself...lolz!  But cant find them online...

    ....fortunately... i found it after 3 days... here is it...

    You and I
    lyrics and music by Leslie Bricusse

    You and I will travel far together.
    We'll pursue our little star together.
    We'll be happy as we are, together.
    We may never get to heaven,
    But it's heaven at least to try.

    You and I are going on together,
    Till the time we have is gone, forever,
    Watch the evening drawing on, together.
    Growing closer, growing older,
    Making mem'ries that light the sky
    That only time can make,
    That only love can make,
    That only we can make, You and I.


    URL OF MIDI: http://ayson.ph/dwtl/songs/song.youandi.0.html